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Bryanston Square

Collaborating with CDC are Bryanston Square, a lead educational consultant within the UK. Christine Ginty from Bryanston Square says:

“Only now are the designs forged through the Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme being built and tested by today’s students. Do they facilitate an evolution in methods of learning? We have to face the fact that in the design stage there is still a lot of educated guesswork on what will make a good school. However, one of the things about which we can be certain is that poor circulation encourages poor behaviour. Until recently the amount of space that should be allowed in any given part of the school has also been the subject of gut feel, guidelines and previous experience. Now however, we can scientifically predict where congestion will occur. Bryanston Square and CDC are among the first to exploit this for the benefit of schools. In all we do we strive to make the best possible environment for students and are therefore proud to collaborate with CDC in this critical element of school design. Bryanston Square works with schools, with authorities, and with the private sector on all aspects of the BSF process.” 

For more information on Bryanston Square services, contact Christine Ginty at

Design Fire Consultants

CDC are proud to collaborate with Design Fire Consultants, who are design led, client focused, fire consultants. They have fire safety experience across all sectors and are specialists in adopting fire engineering on stadia (Emirates), arenas (O2 Arena), cultural (Grand Egyptian Museum), mixed use (Battersea power station redevelopment), retail (Mall of Kuwait), hotel (Four Seasons, Abu Dhabi) and industrial (Tesco Distribution). For more information, please contact Craig Howard at or Jonny Joinson at Also, visit


Loughborough University

Loughborough University’s Centre for Innovative and Collaborative Engineering ( are an essential collaborator with CDC, working together to ensure there is ongoing and in-depth research into school design and school modelling.

Crowd Dynamics

CDC are proud to collaborate with Crowd Dynamics, whose consultants carry out congestion and safety anlysis, together with on-site training, for larger scale venues including the Jamarat Bridge (Saudi Arabia), Canary Wharf (Real-Time Command and Control/Decision Support), London New Year Events (Real-Time decision support) and the award winning Crowd Dynamics Workshops (UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College).The collaboration provides valuable knowledge transfer between the two groups. For more information on Crowd Dynamics, contact      Dr. G. Keith Still at, David Robertson at, or visit

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